Fresh 2 Def Productions is a South African based record label founded by multi award winning hip hop artist Da L.E.S in 2009. Our mission is to be the pioneer of the South African hip hop industry and we strive to provide an organic service that is unique yet profitable for our partners, clients and consumers. With 10 years in the industry our founder and CEO, Da L.E.S strongly believes in going beyond the call of duty to provide an experience and service that can not be matched.


We work in every aspect of the modern entertainment industry with recording artists, producers, songwriters & DJs. We are a full service organization, supporting our diverse roster of talent via artist management, music publishing, touring, production, strategic brand development and beyond. 


The label consists of artists such as: Da L.E.S, DJ D Double D, Stunt Double & G Baby Da Silva. Fresh 2 Def Productions is considered a major player in the South African hip hop music industry. In 2017, Fresh 2 Def Productions released a Number 1 selling compilation album titled "F2D Presents: Hall of Fame".


Fresh 2 Def Productions operates fully independently from Johannesburg, South Africa.

 Fresh2Def 2017